Thanks For The Patience UPDATE!! We've had the city inspectors in and have completed the list of things they wanted to see done, we will be undergoing final inspection on Tuesday, Sept 2ND(if all goes according to plan) and should be ready for that weekend. In order to avoid confusion, we will be open this weekend (August 29th and 30th) for membership updates / renewals. Contact the club at 780.887.9311 for more details. Read More
Campout Season Summer is coming! So is the campout! Read More
Under Construction Progress!!  We are only a couple of weeks away from opening the doors to the new location, We will be updating the website shortly to let you know when the official relaunch is and the themes for each week will be found in this space Read More

Club Features

  • Dress Code

    Here at 4-play, you should dress to impress. The better you look, the more fun you'll have! The dress code is as follows:

    - No baseball caps. Fedoras, Bowlers and other "dressy" hats are acceptable.
    - No wifebeaters, or ripped t-shirts.
    - Trashed, ripped jeans are a no-no.

  • Food & Drink

    Every night, we prepare a selection of quality snacks for the hungry. From bowls of candy on each table, to trays of cheese and sausage, to hot snacks, we like to make sure everyone has energy for playtime! And best of all, it's all part of your cover charge!

  • The Club

    From a open concept dance floor on one end, to a lounging area with couches at the other, there's sure to be a comfortable place to meet and get to know new people!

    Once you're ready to take your partner to the next level, you can go into the private play rooms, you have your choiuce of three private bedrooms (one with a swing!). If you're feeling really brave, you can visit Goliath - the biggest bed for the biggest fun!

Contact Us

  • (780) 887-9311

Hours of Operation

  • Doors and Play Rooms Open at 9pm
  • Last Call at 2am